Monday, April 5, 2010

One night in Gorge Harbor with 45 knot winds turned into three nights at Gorge Harbor with 65 to 75 knot winds. It was pretty scary how the wind moved this 60,000 pound boat. We had one more adventure to complete before leaving Desolation Sound. Teakerne Arm at the end of a beautiful channel with two stunning waterfalls and a private dock so you can hike to the top of the falls. Beautiful channel and stunning waterfalls Awesome
Private dock ~ Not. Maybe big enough for the dinghy.

We said Goodbye to Desolation Sound and headed south

Powell River - Here We Come

This picture is the north end of highway 101 in Lund Canada. Highway 101 - also named the Pan-American is the world's longest highway. It stretches 9,312 miles from Castro on Chile's south coast to Lund on BC's Sunshine Coast. We hope someday to include a picture of the southern end of the highway.
As we headed south we were seeing the tugs with their tows pulling in close to shore. They knew something we didn't. The winds were picking up again. We slipped into Secret Cove to wait for the morning window. 7am and lines were pulled and we headed out to cross the Strait of Georgia. The window had gone away and as we turned around to head back there were several boats also looking for shelter. We spent two more nights in the well protected Secret Cove, but still the winds reached over 80 knots. April 3rd we poked out and headed to Nanaimo in very mixed up seas. The storm winds have raised havoc in the Gulf Islands. We headed to Ganges to hang for a few days but were told "our docks are broke and our breakwater is gone...sorry". Our trip is far from over but its sad to see what mother nature can do.