Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our first week in the San Juans has gone fast. We discovered some really quaint nooks and crannys in the Islands. We did some hiking on Jones Island and Stuart Island.
Tied to a mooring bouy in Provost Harbor-piece of cake.
Deer Harbor was movie night on the boat-since there was nothing to do in town

Mount Baker can be seen for miles.
At 10,778 feet it is the fourth highest mountain in Washington State.
It is the second most active volcano next to Mount St. Helens and is only about 80,000 to 90,000 year old.

We are impressed with the Madrona trees. They look a bit like the Manzanita that we have around St. George. The bark is really red and peels strangly.

There is lots of sea life to see. The colors of the various "animals" are amazing.

Cleared customs in Sidney. Becky seems to be a real "outlaw" as far as the Canadian's are concerned. They really don't like her. Canadian Officer Esplin was really having a bad day and his attitude left much to be desired. We will hold up here for a few days and let the weather settle down and then head further north.