Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Its amazing that around every corner there is a "wow". We are wondering in the Gulf Islands while the weather remains windy and unsettled. When the weather is calling for gale force winds its tuff to "head to sea". So we have enjoyed what this area has to offer and settled in to a much slower style where the big decision of the day is "do you want to play cribbage or farkle"? The marine life is so interesting. The stars are purple, orange and pink. The seals are everywhere. We have tried to crab. We would starve if we had to feed the family with our crabbing ability.The small marinas are very laid back and quaint. Yes, the wind blows and the waves roll the boat. There have been some interesting times where we are moored out and the weather turns real bad. Sleeping in the pilot house with all the alarms set is not our idea of the perfect quiet evening. But we seem to make it thru.

The weather is going to break and we will be ready and waiting. Headed to Nanaimo (like the chocolate bar) to wait out the wind. Looks like the winds will lay down some on friday and we will cross the Strait of Georgia to Secret Cove. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather.