Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What a cute and wonderful couple.

Time well spent
Thank you dear friends for taking your time to spend with us.
We Love Ya !!
The upside down picture (which really is not upside down) and the two headed duck show just how smooth and calm the water was. Our trip went as far north as Friday Harbor and thru the San Juans, Sucia Island, La Connor and south to Port Orchard for dinner with long time friends of Dan and Nancy. With urging ~ I ask the Coast Guard cutter Terapin if we could moor on their bouy. "Negative" was the answer so we tried our hand at the Clark Island bouy. What a beautiful spot and everyone slept well despite the giggles from the top bunk when a wave came by. You could not have ask for better weather. Dan was in charge of "log watch" and saved our Freyja many time. We only had one "smack" and we all still wonder how that happened.
Put Dan and Nancy on a plane and picked up brother in law Del for help with computer and radar. The man is a genius and all we have to do is promise him a Nickerson Burger. Radar back up and running and auto pilot computer fixed and several Nickerson Burgers (and a few raw oysters) we put Del back on a plane for home. Thank You Thank You.
We have only two months left and are headed north. There is a big presence of Coast Guard near the Canada/United States boarder (maybe because of the Olympics) Its awesome to see them and their beautiful cutter boats. Its nice to know they are on our side.

Time to see the Desolution Sound.
Lots to see and lots of time to see it.

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